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Verified Computations for Reliable Results

Ensuring Trustworthy Computations and IoT Devices
with Zero-knowledge Internet-of-Things (zk-IoT)

Verified Computations

for Reliable Results

Ensuring Trustworthy Computations and IoT Devices with Zero-knowledge
Internet-of-Things (zk-IoT)

What is zk-IoT?

What is zk-IoT?

A Blockchain for Trusted Zero-Knowledge Internet-of-Things (zk-IoT)



zk-IoT ensures the accuracy of sensor operations and the reliability of alerts and gathered information from oil & gas fields.



zk-IoT ensures the correctness of program execution in cars or drones, enabling trusted data exchange between devices and facilitating automated communication.


Smart Home

zk-IoT enhances the security and accuracy of smart home devices, ensuring that generated alerts or data can be trusted.


Health Care

zk-IoT ensures the integrity of healthcare systems, ensuring that generated data is trustworthy.

FidesInnova Solutions

FidesInnova Solutions

FidesInnova introduces zk-IoT to revolutionize IoT and computational programs, including cloud computing, using zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain platforms. Applying zk-IoT technology in IoT enables automatic device communication, seamless data transfer, and monetization of IoT data.

Blockchain Node

Fides Blockchain Node is designed to scale efficiently, accommodating a growing number of users and applications while maintaining high performance.

Mobile App

Fides Mobile App lets users monitor and control their IoT devices. Fides Mobile App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Web App

Fides Web App is for writing Fides Services and monetizing IoT devices data.

ZKP Library

FidesInnova has developed a ZKP programming library in C++ and Rust languages for IoT developers and manufacturers to easily integrate FidesInnova's ZKP solution into their products.

FidesInnova Features

FidesInnova Features

Service Contract

To automate IoT data transfer, Fides introduces service contracts, which are mini-programs written in JavaScript. The Fides Blockchain Node is equipped to execute these service contracts.

ZKP-enabled JavaScript Execution

The Fides Blockchain Node runs JavaScript programs, specially equipped for generating and verifying ZKPs.

Service Market

The Service Market is a gallery of pre-written Service Contracts, ready-to-use for Fides users. Users can install available service contracts in their accounts to expand their IoT device functionality.


Each Fides Blockchain Node features an MQTT server, enabling seamless communication with IoT devices. This integration allows the blockchain to directly interact with real-world IoT devices and applications.



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Service Market



In the dynamic landscape of IoT, FidesInnova emerges as a trailblazer, ushering in a new era of trust, security, and automation. Our FidesInnova Platform, anchored in blockchain technology, redefines the standards for decentralized and reliable IoT systems. With a focus on zk-IoT devices, FidesInnova ensures seamless communication, laying the foundation for a network built on trust and transparency.

At the heart of Fides Innovations lies the revolutionary concept of Service Contracts. These customizable, JavaScript-based mini-programs empower users to effortlessly manage and monetize IoT data. The Fides Blockchain Node, equipped with ZKP-enabled JavaScript execution, acts as the powerhouse, ensuring the secure and authentic execution of these contracts. The Service Market further enhances the user experience by offering a diverse array of pre-written contracts, expanding the functionalities of IoT devices with ease.

FidesInnova is not merely a platform; it’s a holistic ecosystem that empowers users through Fides Apps. The Fides Mobile App, available on major app stores, provides users with unprecedented control over their IoT devices. Complemented by the Fides Web App for service creation and data monetization, Fides Innovations sets a new standard for complete and user-friendly IoT solutions. In a world where security and trust are paramount, Fides Innovations stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a smarter, more connected future.

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    FidesInnova revolutionizes IoT with a blockchain platform that supports automatic IoT device communication. Additionally, it features Service Contracts for seamless IoT data transfer and monetization, along with a Service Market offering a wide range of IoT services to enhance device functionalities.

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