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Fides zk-IoT utilize Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to offer unparalleled data privacy and to assure the correctness of program execution, setting new standards in IoT security and trust.

Unparalleled Security in Sensing. Experience ZKP-Enhanced Accuracy and Integrity in Every Alert.

Comprehensive Sensing Capabilities: Equipped with temperature measurement, hygrometer for humidity, door sensor, motion detector, and smart button. Guaranteed Integrity of IoT Firmware Execution: Ensures the integrity and authenticity of IoT code, crucial for precise and reliable sensor readings. Enhanced Security and Privacy: Utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof technology to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.  


Enhancing Image Authenticity with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Embedded Location and Timestamp: Embeds accurate location and timestamp data in photos and videos.

Verifiable and Trustworthy Content: Ensures the reliability and verifiability of the information in images and videos.

Integrity of IoT Code Execution: Guarantees the integrity and authenticity of IoT code during media generation.


Elevating Precision, Ensuring Trust, and Redefining Aerial Excellence

Advanced Autonomous Navigation: Experience zk-Drone’s precise flights with intelligent route planning and cutting-edge GPS, ensuring seamless and reliable autonomous navigation for every mission in the sky.

Cutting-edge Imaging Capabilities: zk-Drone sets a new standard with advanced imaging technology, capturing high-resolution photos and videos. From aerial photography to surveillance, witness clarity and detail from above.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: Trust zk-Drone’s flight with intelligent obstacle avoidance technology. Using sensors and algorithms, it navigates through the sky, avoiding obstacles in real-time, ensuring a safe and reliable flight experience.


Secure Drives, Private Rides - Zero-Knowledge Power On the Road

Cutting-Edge Vehicle Securitys: Experience unparalleled security with zk-Car’s advanced systems. Biometric authentication, encrypted communication, and secure data protocols ensure your journeys are safeguarded from potential threats.

Privacy-First Communication: Elevate your driving experience with zk-Car’s privacy-enhanced communication. Zero-Knowledge Proofs empower secure data exchanges within the vehicle, ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information while on the road.

Intelligent Collision Mitigation: Drive confidently with zk-Car’s intelligent collision mitigation technology. Leveraging advanced sensors and real-time algorithms, zk-Car actively assesses its surroundings, offering proactive collision avoidance measures and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

FidesInnova revolutionizes IoT with a blockchain platform that supports automatic IoT device communication. Additionally, it features Service Contracts for seamless IoT data transfer and monetization, along with a Service Market offering a wide range of IoT services to enhance device functionalities.

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